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Founded by Rinaldo Küfferle in 1946.
Edited by Rinaldo Küfferle, between 1946 and 1955, and Silvia Schwarz Colorni, between 1955 and 1984.

The aim of the magazine is to introduce Italian readers to Anthroposophy whose center of study is the Goetheanum, the Free University of Spiritual Science, based in Dornach (CH), near Basel.

The magazine ANTROPOSOFIA aims to be an integral part of a free cultural life.

The main premises and language of anthroposophy (i.e., science of the spirit) are depicted in Rudolf Steiner’s body of work: The philosophy of freedom, Theosophy, An outline of occult science, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, The story of My Life.

The magazine ANTROPOSOFIA covers a wide range of topics comprising culture, science, human history, inner life and self-education seen in the light of the science of the spirit.

The magazine ANTROPOSOFIA has six issues per year and contains texts by Rudolf Steiner not previously published in Italian, as well as pieces by Italian and foreign anthroposophic scholars and book reviews.
(Stefano M.)

Direction and editorial staff:
At the Società Antroposofica in Italia
Via Privata Vasto 4
20121 Milano

Site Manager
Luigi Bellavita

Editorial board
via Privata Vasto 4
20121 Milano

ARESMA-Associazione di Ricerche e Studi per la Medicina Antroposofica
via Privata Vasto 4
20121 Milano
C.F. 97206300150

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